Later on in the evening…..have realised these posts are coming in the wrong order and seem to have lost one. Didn’t realise til now what a luxury relaible internet is. It is late now and the traffic is still roaring beneath my window. Will leave it til tomorrow, but here are a few images from the art school we visited on the first day.

February 10, 2010

We sat under the trees with Keya, a young artist from Britto, and drank sweet tea, watching the students mill about getting their lunch. Such a different world. The facilities at the art school are basic but they have lots of space and it is a haven of quiet from the cacophony of traffic outside. From what we saw the students are technically really competant, but Britto is trying to challenge the system into less conservative thinking. Perhaps Steven and I can help in a small way by showing a different way of working? At least to the younger Britto artists.


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