Early days. Still getting to grips with how it all works. Apologies, and for the typos in this blog, the slow speed of the internet here makes for quite a laborious editing process.

February 11, 2010

We are staying in Dhanmondi, a fairly central part of Dhaka near the university. There is a group of artists here called ‘Britto’ who we are attached to. They are an amazingly vibrant and active group who meet and talk most days, mounting projects, showing work etc. They have taken us under their wings. Don’t know how we would survive without them. Getting around is tricky as the street signs, if they exist, are written in Bangla, and the traffic is like nothing I  have ever encountered! Somehow it seems to flow tho there are few rules. The loudest horns seem to have the right of way, and pedestrians need to walk boldly into the traffic and stare it down to get a chance to cross any main roads. We are sharing a house with Owen Beuchet, a french sound artist/teacher who has lived here on and off for 10 years. It was him who took us into the miriad winding streets of the old town last week and gave me the confidence to wander in such a completely alien world!                                                   

I could never hope to describe now all that we have seen  over the past few days. Steven’s blog will help (www.msspfollen.blogspot.com). The internet is so slow too that this takes a long time and everynow and again it infuriatingly crashes! It feels as though I should be out experiencing life more than playing here on the computer as I do in London. It’s so very different! I want to collect new materials, ideas, draw  and make. And  talk/share with the Britto artists and people here. Feel overwhelmed and very very lucky to be here! Thanks AFineLine, V&A, Harley  et al!


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